While every web project will vary, below are the general guidelines you can expect to see on a bid from Ipsum Web Design.

If you prefer hourly billing, our rate is $40/hour.

Page and Widget Pricing

Every website will have some basic pages. Some will have lots of basic pages. Some will have added forms, calendars, social media, and more. You can mix and match and add what you will, kind of like an a la carte menu.

  • Basic Page = $50 / page

This price per page applies to basic pages of text with some images. If you ended up with a straightforward site with 5 basic pages, your total here would be 5 x $50 or $250.

  • Add a Form = $25 / form

This includes setting up a form for your site, which a visitor to your site can fill out and submit to an email address that you specify. So adding a Contact Form to your site would add $25 to the cost.

  • Add Event Calendar and Management = $25

We can set you up with events rendering in various formats, anywhere you'd want them to appear on your site. We turn the keys over to you to keep your events up-to-date.

  • Add eCommerce = $500 base price

Let us help you sell stuff online! It doesn't matter what you want to sell -- we can help you sell it! Costs vary depending on size and complexity of the store, but base price is $500.

Annual Costs

These annual costs are fees that every website owner on the face of the www pays to someone somewhere — even we at Ipsum Web Design have to pay for these two things.

  • URL Registration = $15 / year

This is an annual fee that anyone pays who wants to own the "domain" or "URL" for their website. The cost goes to a third-party domain registrar who keeps all the domains assigned to the appropriate owner, one paid year at a time.

  • Website Hosting = $60 / year

This is an annual fee that anyone pays who wants to have a website appear on the world wide web. To have a website hosted anywhere, the files for the site have to exist somewhere. Similar to keeping a Word document file on your computer, a third-party web-hosting company stores web files on their computers, also known as web servers, which have unique settings that allow them to resolve URLs like "" and render the stored pages of your site as part of the world wide web. Pretty cool.

Other Offerings

We pride ourselves on learning new skills quickly, so if you didn't find something on this site that you think you'd want for your site, let us know! We can figure it out, add it to your site... and then add it to this column of 'other offerings' here!

  • Site Maintenance

If you'd like us to take care of updates and edits to your website after it has launched, we can do that. The rate is $40/hour of work done, and that is billed to the minute (we don't round up!).

  • Graphic Design

We offer graphic design for every need. If you need a logo and branding materials, we can do that for you! Contact us to get more information on pricing, as it varies depending on your graphic design needs.